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Basic Information

Pelt Description: Orange tabby with a scar running down her right fore-leg

Gender: Female



Orange Tabby
Mate: Blackfur

Kits: Spottedpelt, Frayedwhisker, Redleaf, Nightheart, Darkfoot

Mother: Infernostripe

Father: Cloudheart

Litter Mates: Autumleaf, Goldenstorm


When Flamestar was a kit she lived in a different part of the mountains then she does now. Flamestar was the last to open her eyes in her litter.


When Flamestar became an apprentice she was still in the valley of the mountains. Her mentor was Ashtail, later Ashstar. She was apprenticed during a time in the valley known as the time of sloshing waters. This was when the lake flood the entire valley. Although the water was shallow it made hunting nearly impossible leaving many cats to starve to death and others to be stuck eating fish.


When Flamestar earned her warrior name, Flamepelt, Ashstar was the leader of Flameclan and sent her on a journey to find a new home to settle since the annual floods were becoming deeper and deeper. When she returned from the quest she lead the clan to their new home, the settlement of the clan currently.


When Flamestar was leader she allied with Airclan, Waveclan, Dustclan, Lightningclan, and Darkclan to fight against Scarclan. She also helped defeat the tribe of climbing rocks when they attacked the clans.


Flamestar lost her ninth life in the final battle with Scarclan when she was 77 moons old. Scar took that life from her but she took his final life with her

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