HawkClan Logo

HawkClan is the fifth Clan of the forest. It is a brave, unusual Clan with the most stunning abilities. The leader, Hawk, started HawkClan with wings.


HawkClan lives in a forest floating in the air.

  • Camp - A patch of the forest.
  • Training Area - A sandy clearing.
  • Forest - The forest is their territory.
  • Pond - A large pond, taking up a quarter of the forest.
  • Flying Cliff - A good place for flying.


If you want to join, please contact an administerator.

Leader -

Ripplestar: A stunning, long-haired silver she-cat with ever changing blue eyes. Can control the water. Roleplayer: Fern

Deputy -

Mintflower: Black tom with blue eyes and huge white wings. Up for Adoption

Medicine Cat -

Jayheart: Silver and gray tabby tom with rainbow eyes, can cure any cat. (Minty)

Warriors -

Appleclaw: White and brown she-cat with sparkling green eyes that glow unusually in the dark. Has golden wings. She has the best eye-sight in the clan and could see a hundred miles. She also can control the plants, trees, etc. Roleplayer: Crystal

Dragonhover - handsome, dark gray tabby tom with clear, blue eyes. He has bat wings.(Silver)

Batflight - pretty, blue-gray tabby she-cat with dark green eyes. She also has Bat wings. (Silver)

Moonwhisker: Pale gray tom with huge yellow eyes that bursts into a thousand shades of silver when they catch the moonlight. Can control the moon. (Stardust)

Rainsky - Blue gray tabby she-cat with huge blue eyes. When she feels negative emotions, she can cause anything between a gentle rain or a even a minor hurricane. (Mossnose)

Apprentices -

Snowpaw - Pure white tom with dark, leafy green eyes. He can control snow, ice and water. Rped by Crystal.

Shadeypaw- Dark gray she-cat with yellow eyes and speckled russet wings. She can command the winds. Rped by Embz.

Mintpaw - sandy gray tom with aqua eyes. Ashy

Covepaw - gentle, dark gray she-cat with warm, blue eyes and soft, bird wings.? She can control the waves. Rped by Silver