HolidayClan is a clan that always changes the theme every holiday. There are 5 holidays; Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving and Valentines Day. Their pelts always change each holiday.



Bloomstar - Snowy white she-cat with pale blue eyes. During the time around halloween, her pelt turns black and her eyes turn orange. (Crystal)


Chickfeather - pretty, golden brown she-cat with light blue eyes. She turns a dark, bright gold color in Halloween, a creamy color in Christmas. Her pelt turned a peachy pink in Valentines, and a tawny color in Thanksgiving. Roleplayer: Silverw

Meddie Cat



Shadowpelt - Black tom with amber eyes. His pelt stays the same during Halloween.

Stormrise - handsome, dark gray tabby tom (His pelt color in the usual days). It turns a very dark, almost black, gray in Halloween, a pale gray in Valentines, a golden color in Thanksgiving, and a white color in Christmas, and white in Easter. Roleplayer: Silverw

Patchfur - pretty, torbie she-cat. Her pelt color stays the same. She has pink spots, black spots, gold spots, and white spots. Roleplayer: Silverw



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