Why hello there! I am Hopstar, founder and leader of this clan. I, with my friends Shadepool and Honeydream, left our original clan, RushClan, to make this clan.

We are fast, like RushClan, but are also good bouncers, being able to jump at least as high as the sixth or seventh branch on a sycamore.

Bunnies are strictly forbidden to eat, for in this clan it is believed HopClan cats are related to them. Crickets are also believed to be related to HopClan.


LEADER Hopstar- a ginger she-cat with orange tabby marks and emerald green eyes, with a nip on her left ear and X scar on her muzzle (roleplayed by Shadepoolcats)

DEPUTY none yet

MEDICINE CAT Honeydream- a golden-orange she-cat with amber eyes and dark orange tiger marks, her underbelly is pale ginger and she has a scar on her right shoulder (roleplays by Shadepoolcats)

MEDICINE CAT APPRENTICE Flickerpaw- White she-cat with bright ginger spots and dark gray legs/paws. One red eye and one light blue eye ( Roleplayer Bunnythecat )


Shadepool- a dark grey she-cat with vivid green eyes, she has black tabby marks and her left flank is covered in scars, while her right ear is shredded (roleplayed by Shadepoolcats)


none yet


none yet


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none yet


Coming soon!


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