Place of Dark Moon

Place of Dark Moon

The place of Dark Moon is a dark, gloomy forest with no stars, and no moon. All evil dead cats go here.


Leaders -

  • Clawstar - Silver she-cat with long claws and piercing green eyes. Is like the Brokenstar, Crystal

Deputies -

* Iguanaspike - lean and well muscled, white tom with yellow eyes. (Silver)

Medicine Cats -

Warriors -

  • Darkspirit - dark gray tom with red-amber eyes. (Silver)
  • Blossomclaw - Muscular, broad shouldered, black she-cat with thorn sharp teeth, a scar across the bridge of her nose, and gleaming amber eyes. Is like Mapleshade. Rped by Stardust.


Leaders -

  • Nightstar - Black tom with dark blue eyes, Crystal

Warriors -

  • Graywind - Gray tom with amber eyes, Crystal's cat
  • Redbone - dark ginger tom, Silver's Cat



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