RushClan is the quickest clan of the forest. They are mostly lean and thin, and lives on quick prey, like rabbits.


Leader - Wolfstar - handsome and sturdy, palegray-brown tom, icy blue eyes. He has a tabby face, tail, and paws. (Silver)

Deputy - Faststep - brown tom with green eyes, he is the fastest cat in the clan

Medicine Cat - Amberbreeze: Slender solid ginger she-cat with blue/green eyes; Crystal

Medicine Cat Apprentice - Wingpaw - Slender gray she cat with vibrant green eyes

Warriors -

Splashtail: Pure white she-cat with a black paw and blue eyes; Crystal

Graywind: Gray tom with amber eyes; Crystal

Rabbitdash - pale gray she-cat with amber eyes. (Silver)

Sedgeclaw - Brown and white tabby tom with forest green eyes; Mossnose

Gingerstorm - ginger she-cat with amber eyes is sister to Gorseleap and shares the same jumping abilities

Gorseleap - pale brown tom with white fore paws and amber eyes and can jump very high

Littletail - golden she-cat with a usually small white tail, also white paws and ears, green blue eyes

Apprentices -

Wingpaw - (see Med. Cat Apprentice)



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