StreamClan is the clan where the cats are not afraid of water. They are the swimmers of the forest.


StreamClan cats differ from blue-gray to silver and white, with a few exeptions. They hunt fish and are amazing at swimming. They are clever and graceful.


Leader - Sparrowstar: Light brown she-cat with pale amber eyes. Has 7 out of 9 lives. Roleplayed by Crystal

Deputy - Lionfang: White tom with amber eyes; Minty

Medicine Cat -Violetwhisker: Black she-cat with purple paws muzzle ears and tail tip she also has purple eyes (Venom)

MC Apprentice - Mintpelt - Black she-cat with blue eyes, Crystal

Warriors -

Appledash: White, gray and black she-cat with blue eyes (Apple)

Shorepebble - small, blue-gray moarbled tabby she-cat with crystal blue eyes. Roleplayer: Silverw

Seafoam - very pale gray tom with blue-green eyes. Roleplayer: Silverw

Opalclaw: Blue-white she-cat (AXO)

Creekfur - Mottled gray tabby Tom with sharp blue eyes.; Mossnose

Moonclaw - Silver tom with green eyes. Crystal's rp cat.

Apprentices -

Whalepaw - black tom with long claws, and dark green eyes. (Silver)

Sharkpaw - Pale gray tom with a white underbelly, sharp teeth, and one yellow and one blue eyes. Rped by Crystal.