Tribe of Silver Mines

Tribe of Silver Mines

The Tribe of Silver Mines is a tribe that lives down in the tunnels. They differ from white to silver pelts, with a few exeptions.


The Tribe of Silver Mines is kind, and caring, and are amazing at hunting. They never give up and are skilled at catching night-creatures and birds.


Healer - Teller of Flashing Moon (Moonteller): Very pale silver tabby tom with deep blue eyes. (Silver)

Cave Guards -

Moon that Shimmers on Water (Moon): Pure white she-cat with a large grey flash on her chest and amber eyes; Minty

Ruby that blinds Eyes - dark ginger tom with amber-green eyes. Roleplayer: Siverwhisker

Sapphire that burns like Fire - blue gray she-cat with gorgeous, blue eyes. (Silver)

Pool that sparkles like stars - Gray and white she-cat with crystal blue eyes. (Mossnose)

Prey-hunters -

Sparks that fly from Diamond - pale gray and white she-cat with blue eyes. Roleplayer: Silverwhisker

Cloud that Covers Sun - White tom with silver patches and blue eyes, rped by Crystal

Leaf that Flutters Gently - Beautiful silver she-cat with feathered ears and leaf green eyes, Rped by Crystal

To-bes -

Night that Shimmers with Stars (Night) - Black tom with white speckles all over and deep blue eyes, Rped by Quarter

Mothers -

Amber that Traps Snails - Golden she-cat with golden/amber eyes, rped by Splash


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