Hello fellow Wikia Users,

If anyone played Free Realms and spent their time Role playing as a Warrior Cat or Wolf, please check out this link:, In the game Feral Heart, there are a series of maps all connected in one map pack created by Free Realms players, these maps are almost identical copies of the locations in Free Realms, and there are at least 17 packs and clans there already. And if you are not interested in joining any of the groups there, why not bring your own group to live there along with us, or live as a rogue? The maps also get updated for all the holidays and events that took place in Free Realms, such as Snow Days and the Spooktacular. If this message applies to you and you are interested, please join us there. The more the merrier. We are not official members or staff of the Feral Heart online game, we just run an in game downloadable map pack, created by fellow Free Realms players.

Thank You for your time,


P.S. I am sorry if I am wasting your time, please disregard this post, ban me from your wiki, or take whichever action you deem necessary if this is the case. I apologize if this post affects your community negatively. If this post does not interest you, you may simply ignore it, or block it. 

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