Valley of the Stars

Valley of the Stars

The Valley of the Stars is a valley where all the good dead cats go. It is also known as StarClan.


Leaders - Glitteringstar - very pale gray she-cat with white speckles (Speckles are almost unvisible), and foggy blue eyes. (Silver)

Deputies - Moonlight: Gray tom with blue eyes (Crystal),

Medicine Cats -

Aquastrike - Handsome, black tom with icyblue-green eyes. (Silver)


Shadowstrike: Pure white she-cat with a black muzzle, belly, and paws, and dark green eyes; Amberstar

Ripplepelt - Silver-blue she-cat with warm crystal blue eyes, Crystal's Cat

Apprentices -

Solarpaw - golden tom with amber eyes. (Silver)

Minnowpaw- tabby she-cat with blue eyes. (Ash)



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